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Cost Calculator
To calculate the cost of your paint job, enter all applicable figures in the appropriate column of the COST CALCULATOR.
Click Calculate, and the results and cost analysis will appear in the bottom table.
Try alternate options to insure best results.
Primer Coat Top Coat Option
Price of paint per litre, R:
Number of coats of paint:
Coverage/spreading rate (m²/litre):
Total area to paint (in m²):
Years of service expected:
Cost of surface preparation, (R):
Cost of applying the paint, (R):
  Calculate Calculate Calculate
  Primer Coat Top Coat Option
Number of litres needed:
Total cost of paint, (R):
Total cost of the job, (R):
Cost per square metre, (R):
Cost per square metre per annum, (R):
% cost for paint:
% cost for labour:

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