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Dekade Paints has had a somewhat different origin and development to most companies of its kind, and is known in the paint industry as the best kept secret in paint and decorative coatings.

Dekade Paints started out in 1979 as an in-house manufacturer of high quality coatings for the largest paint wholesaler and retail outlet in Pietermaritzburg and the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, Natal Associated Agencies. NAA has serviced the local market and has been a major force in the distribution of the Dekade brand in towns from Kokstad to Greytown.

All this changed in 2000 when Dekade moved into the general market with a

comprehensive range of top quality products and a backup, technical and advisory service that had been developed over 20 years, and was second to none in the industry.

Dekade's mission is to be the best it can be, and produce the best products it can make. All the ranges manufactured follow this credo, and the brand names Ultradek, Gold Label, Dekatex, Dekaroof and others, are considered leaders in the marketplace where they are available. Due to the increase in general sales, the company outgrew its space, and in 2004 acquired large factory premises that has enabled expansion in production to meet the demand.

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