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Because of the historical evolution of Dekade Paints and the Dekade coating brands as Gold Label, stockists have since 1979 mainly developed around the Pietermaritzburg region and the KwaZulu--Natal midlands.

The major stockist distributor in this region is Natal Associated Agencies in PMB that services retail outlets throughout this area from Kokstad through to Greytown.

The majority of these outlets are of long standing, and the major reason for their support and commitment has been the product quality and service levels.

The company has moved out of its homebase and has opened up stockists along the coastal areas from Pongola in the north to Port Edward in the south. A notable success for the brand has been the appointment of Shave Paint Centres in Durban and Gauteng as Stockist’s and Distributors.

All these Dekade stockists confirm that the personal service and attention they receive, along with a comprehensive product range, gives them a complete package that is second to none in the industry, and is an asset to their business.

Please note that the content on this website is for guidance only. Please consult your nearest Dekade Paints Stockist for professional advice suited to your specific needs.
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