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Dekade’s reputation with property developers & property administrators continues to grow through their consistent commitment to the highest quality products, technical expertise, detailed specifications and on-site inspections. Dekade is fast becoming the product of choice.

Dekade stockists, and the guaranteed product and service they offer has assured major clients use Dekade Paints. In all cases they have passed the tests with flying colours, and Dekade has recently being awarded a number of very large contracts. One of these was the total refurbishment of uShaka Marine World using the unique Dekade Dekalite product.

Dekade has introduced a professional service to cater to the building maintenance, refurbishment and construction industry.

A consultant supplies a detailed procedure and product specification in a report for the contract.

This service consists of a full analysis of the building condition and details of the surface preparation required for all the finishes from exterior walls to wood, steelwork and roofing. This specification is used by the administrator or body corporate as a tender document to obtain a standard costing from contractors, and is used as a safeguard for scope and quality of work required.

All in all Dekade is committed to being the best when it comes to quality, service and innovation. Dekade Paints is an accredited member of the Institute of Painting Contractors
(IPC) and the South African Paint Manufacturers Association (SAPMA).

For more information contact Jill Pinto on 082 499 2172; jill@dekadepaints.co.za
or Morne van Straaten on 076 501 1429; morne@dekadepaints.co.za

Click on the link below for an overview of specially formulated products for the trade.

Please note that the content on this website is for guidance only. Please consult your nearest Dekade Paints Stockist for professional advice suited to your specific needs.
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